Welcome to Vågå

 Welcome to the municipality of Vågå

On these pages we will give an overview of the services applied locally. Should you have any questions, we welcome you to contact the service centre at the town hall. Contact information is shown below.

The Service Centre is available by:
e-mail - postmottak@vaga.kommune.no 
phone - +47 61 29 36 00
fax - +47 61 29 36 01

The postal and visiting address is:
Vågå kommune
Edv. Stormsveg 2
2680 Vågå

Emergency phone numbers in Norway:
Fire -110
Police - 112
Medical - 113

You can call either one for assistance and don't worry to call the "wrong" number if you need help.

Also check out the list at the bottom of this article for more contact information.

A short summary of our services:

1. Day care 
In Vågå you will find 4 kindergartens (2 public and 2 private run). The municipality of Vågå guarantees that you will get a place for your child when you need it. The municipality coordinates all the applications for placement and it is possible to apply throughout the year. However, the main application date is set to 1 March each year.

It is possible to submit the application electronically (however the text in the form is only in Norwegian).

2. Schools
The municipality is divided into 2 school districts. The school in Lalm have grades 1 - 7, and in Vågåmo you find both primary school (1st - 7th grade) and secondary school (8th - 10th grade).

Children have the right to attend the school in the school district where they live. Parents can however apply for admission to another school within the municipality. Both primary and secondary schools are free in Norway and all children are automatically offered a place at school as long as they are registered by the national public registrar.

All pupils (2nd - 10th grade) living more than 4 kilometres from their school are entitled to free transport to and from school. For pupils in 1st grade, the limit is 2 kilometres.

Pupils along high-risk roads are also entitled to free transport.

The municipality of Vågå also offers after-school activities for pupils in grade 1-4. This programme is called SFO in Norwegian.

From autumn 2013 all pupils 1. to 10. grade get their own personal computer to use in school. Vågå is the first municipality to offer this.

3. Health care
The municipality of Vågå provides a wide range of services aimed for public health care. At the health centre in Vågåmo you will find doctors, physiotherapists and services in ergo therapy, rehabilitation and psychological health care. 

You can contact the health centre directly at +47 61 29 37 00.

Dentists are not located at the health centre. You will find one public dentist at the Vågå ungdomsskule (Tannklinikken Vågå, Moavegen 34, phone 61 23 73 33), and one private dentist (dentist Olav Brenna) at the address Matåkervegen 5 (phone 61 23 77 70).

4. Culture and leisure activities
Vågå is well known for its variety in cultural and leisure activities. Whether you are interested in music, song and dance or like outdoor activities, we have both the suppliers and the nature to give you many interesting and memorable experiences. On the index page, you'll find the column "Kva skjer? ('What's happening'...-section)". This is a calendar showing most activities taking place, with the exception of all the "permanent" offers by private activity providers and others.

The library is located in the centre of Vågåmo. Here you also find the education centre for adults.
The opening hours at the library are:
Tuesday 12.00 - 19.00
Wednesday 12.00 - 19.00
Saturday 11.00 - 14.00

5. Technical services (building, renovating, garbage disposal etc)
The municipality of Vågå have a staff of engineers working with public roads, water supply, sewage, garbage disposal and recycling, building projects and other basic services and infrastructure. Garbage is collected weekly in the summer months (bi-weekly in winter) by the company Nord-Gudbrandsdal Renovasjon (NGR). They are also responsible for the recycling station in Vågåmo. Ask the service centre for more information on collection dates and how the recycling station is organized. 

6. Moving to Vågå
If you have any questions concerning moving to Vågå, change of address, employment or other issues related, please contact our service centre. They will assist you and connect you with the appropriate public office according to what you request.

New citizens in Vågå also receive a welcoming information folder along with free movie tickets for one show for the members of the household. Please contact the service centre to obtain your copy and tickets.

Other people you may contact: 

Iselin Jonassen, tlf 61 29 36 05, iselin.jonassen@vaga.kommune.no 

Chief executive 
Hilde Reitan, tlf 61 29 36 13, hilde.reitan@vaga.kommune.no 

Head of staff, education and culture
Jan Egil Fossmo, tlf 61 29 36 29, jan-egil.fossmo@vaga.kommune.no 

Head of staff, health and social welfare
Svein Holen, tlf 61 29 37 58, svein.holen@vaga.kommune.no 

Head of staff, technical support and engineering
Pål Inge Sanden, tlf 61 29 36 63, pal-inge.sanden@vaga.kommune.no 

Head of staff, agriculture and forestry
Per-Ivar Weydahl, tlf 61 29 36 71, per-ivar.weydahl@vaga.kommune.no 

Head of staff, internal and public services and information
Hilde Reitan, tlf 61 29 36 11, hilde.reitan@vaga.kommune.no 

Business advisor for established and new enterprises
Tora Sandbu, tlf 61 29 36 18, tora.sandbu@vaga.kommune.no 


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  • FaksBilde 61 29 36 01
  • PostboksBildeEdvard Storms veg 2
  • PostboksBilde Edvard Storms veg 2, 2680 Vågå
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